Perhaps your message is hard to understand, technical or difficult to visualize. Maybe your audience is less than excited about your training, but it is important for them to know. Let our expert explainer team help. We use visual learning tools like animated whiteboard videos, custom illustrations, and interactive elearning to reach even your non-traditional and distracted learners. We have experience in instructional design, web development, engineering, and graphic design. That makes us technical enough to understand what you want to say and artistic enough to create something your audience wants to view. We have taken subjects such as mental health, copyright law, and homeland security and turned them into engaging moments of enlightenment for the web, for presentations, and to use in an LMS.

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CTIA has an active YouTube channel. They post a mix of live videos and animations. They hired us to create a whiteboard video on the politically-charged subject of net neutrality. The video got over 144,000 views in its first two weeks and remains their most viewed YouTube channel video a year later.


Created whiteboard animation PowerPoint presentation. START was facing final financial approval or cancellation. The homeland security software they were presenting was still in development, so they had nothing tangible to show. They could only explain what it would do and the algorithms it used, which tended to not excite their audience. We only had a couple of weeks to learn all about the software and create an illustrated whiteboard slide presentation demonstrating its use in multiple scenarios. The project was funded.

mental health education


NAMI is the leading educator of families dealing with a mental health condition. They offer several live training and support groups run by volunteers. The discussions on how the brain works and how medicine works in the brain had been the hardest for the volunteers to teach and the least favorite chapters for participants. We worked with NAMI to create several short animated whiteboard videos to use in their Family-to-Family, Basics and Homefront classes.

Meals on Wheels of America

Meals on Wheels of America has been offering live webinars to their affiliates for several years. With the purchase of an LMS, they were interested in repurposing the webinar recordings into a more interactive self-paced training. We cleaned up the recorded audio, found new illustrations, designed appropriate interactive exercises and built HTML5 courses they could drop into their LMS.

MOWA elearning