Videoscribe, Scribing, Whiteboard Animation…

Whatever you call the style – we call it a fantastic learning tool. The use of storytelling remains an effective way to transfer understanding. Using a simple illustration that has enough detail to enhance knowledge, but not too much detail that leads to distraction (plus the ability to draw anything you can imagine) really enhances the story. And then there is the timing. It’s not just about drawing the right image. It’s about timing the drawing to connect the viewers with what you want them to remember. And of course, analytics have proven that whiteboard videos are fantastic for content marketing. We are not the only ones who love them!

Engaging Content Marketing Proof

Take a look at CTIA’s YouTube channel. They post live and animated videos regularly. We have made just a few whiteboard videos for them but hold two spots in their Popular Uploads. What makes animated whiteboard videos so popular? Download our free ebook, “Why Whiteboard Video?”

Popular Video on YouTube

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