Interactive eLearning

MOWA elearningFrom ebooks to videos, multimedia offers endless creative ways to educate. Mudpuddle Creations can design and develop training from the storyboard to the screen.

At Mudpuddle Creations, we believe most learners are resistant to new information. We approach each project from the prospective of a disgruntled student and begin by looking for ways to make the learning more inviting.

  • Uncover the objectives that must be learned.
  • Establish how to know when learning has or has not taken place.
  • Brainstorm ways to convince the learner this training is necessary and beneficial.
  • Create exercises that enhance retention and reinforce the main learning objectives.
  • Design a visual environment that invites and empowers the learner.
  • Chunk learning into short, interesting lessons.
Some of our eLearning clients: